Reasons to Avoid Automated PSD to HTML Conversion

Are you up with creating a website? Have you got a template ready by a designer? Then what’s next! It is the website building part. And in order to build a website, you need to get the coding done. Most of the people probably prefer to buy software for the same unknowingly that the coding can do severe harm to their website. Here are the main reasons why you should avoid automated PSD to Html conversion:

Bugs: Since it will be a software generated code, hence there are a lot of chances to find errors in between. Such bugs can highly affect the navigation of the website on various browsers. Moreover, your website template may mess up.

It focuses more on quantity: Quality must be the priority. Excessive low-quality codes can badly affect the website. But a PSD to HTML conversion software has the main focus on writing the maximum codes rather than quality checking.

Clean code: You can write clean code in order to decrease the load time of your website. The software can also help you to do the same to some extent. But it may not be optimized for maximizing the performance. Whereas, a human can do it at a much greater extent.

W3C Validation. In most of the cases, it may happen that the codes written by software are not W3C valid code. In such cases, the website may not load properly. So these are major issues you will face if you choose to get the coding done by software instead of hiring a coder. In order to get rid of such an issue, there is no better alternative than hiring a coder.