CMS- The right way to adapt & build

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing content management system, or you are trying to start from scratch, the process can be quite overwhelming. With so many platforms to choose from, the main question that arises is the best one suitable for your business and the ease of operation. From researching and setting up demos to comparing features and pricing and more; the task looks appealing, yet quite challenging. There’s a wide choice of blogging platforms. The more choices there are, the harder it is to make up your mind.

Here’s what your business needs to think about when choosing a content management system that makes the most sense for your business, and your budget.


An indispensible consideration. Its not only important that your blogging platform of choice fits within your budget but what you also get for your money. A free offer is worth nothing if it doesn’t do what you need.

Open Source or Proprietary CMS

The most popular content management systems are Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. Each of them is free, open source CMS platforms, and they offer solutions for businesses of different sizes and technical expertise. Just because these CMS solutions are the most popular, it doesn’t mean they’re your only options.

There are two main types of CMS platforms, each of which offers benefits and advantages based on what you’re trying to accomplish, and your budget.

Features and extendibility

Over time, your needs and requirements for your website will change. You might want to modify or overhaul the design, add features, or make other drastic changes. A good CMS platform needs to be able to accommodate that.


How many hands on work your blogging solution need? Does it take care of most of the activities and features for you, or do you have to do everything by hand? This will have a serious impact on your workflow.

The weighing of the factors above will be different depending upon your goals and requirements.

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